Stained Glass Project

February, 2021 

Dear Friends, 

We are very excited to present the “Stained-Glass” project!  Bring out your inner artist and your permanent markers and create your “stained-glass” design on a vinyl window cling for St. Anthony’s windows for Eastertime!   All ages and everyone in the parish are welcome to participate.     

Due-by date: by Monday, March 22, either dropped off at St. Anthony’s Church (before or after Mass) or St. Mary’s church office during office hours with your name & grade (if you’re a student) on the provided card attached with a PAPER CLIP (no staples please).   The earlier you drop it off, the sooner we can begin the task of placing them on the windows.  

Hints for a fantastic art experience: 

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Think large patterns, large pictures. They’re easier to see from a distance and are easier to draw & color.   

  • Allow enough time to create your art and do your best work. Avoid doing it last minute.  

  • Plan ahead and practice on separate sheets of paper.  Once you mark up the vinyl with the permanent marker it doesn’t come off with anything. (I’ve tried.) 

  • Research “stained glass designs”, “stained glass designs church” or similar, online or check-out the examples compiled here.  

  • If you’re a little unsure of your drawing abilities, Trace it! Find images online (Bing and Google) and print them out in a large format.    Position the designs behind the paper OR draw your design on the paper backing and outline it in black. If you place your vinyl cling on a white surface you can more easily see your traced design.  Then trace your design and color it.  

  • The images must be church appropriate. 

  • Set-up in a large, clear, clean work space.  

  • Keep the white paper backing attached to your window cling and keep the vinyl clean.  

  • Use colorful, permanent markers to create your art.  If you want it to look more like real stained-glass, a thick, black marker works well to create the traditional stained-glass black outlines.  

  • Autograph your work in a corner of the vinyl cling. 

  • Make sure you return the completed artwork by the due date with your name (& grade if you’re a student) attached with a paper clip (No staples please).  If it’s returned past the due date, it is very possible we won’t have a chance to display it.  


  • Visit St. Anthony’s church during Holy Week to admire & enjoy the colorful windows.  There will be scheduled Masses and Liturgy of the Word that week. Visiting times outside of Mass-times will be posted in the bulletin.  

If possible, there will be dates and times posted to work on your design at St. Anthony’s parish hall with multi-colored permanent markers available to use. Covid restrictions will be observed, so space is limited.  Masks must be worn.  

Thank you for taking part in this parish-wide project! We look forward to seeing everyone’s artwork decorating St. Anthony’s windows!  If you have any questions, please email me.  Stay well & be safe!