This weeks updates

News June 19, 2020

Dear St Mary and St Anthony Parishioners, 

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful warm, sunny weather we are having! Thank you to everyone that has been coming to the Masses.  It is good to see you again!  The 10:15 Mass on Sunday mornings in the parking lot has been steadily growing. Thank God for the good weather! 

Thank you to everyone that bought and/or sold St Mary BLOCK PARTY Raffle tickets!  The bin was nearly full of tickets! I am humbled that it was such a great turn out!! 

Congratulations to St Mary’s BLOCK PARTY Grand Raffle Prize winners! 
Henry Pratt - $500 
Kraig Keady - $400 
Tracy Largey - $300 
Marie Pinard - $200  
Sophia Mavilia - $100 

Congratulations to St Mary’s June Fatima Club winners! 
James Powers - $100 
Carol Madigan and JoAnn Bailey - $75 each 
Mike Quinn and Arthur Eddy - $50 each 
Gene Wixom and Christi Froehlich - $25 each. 

An email was sent out last week to the Current Fatima Club Members that have email addresses. If you would like to join this year, we have something NEW for The Fatima Club! There are two (2) ways to join!!  One is the way we have done it for years, with a paper form (see attached) and a check. The NEW WAY is ONLINE through our website:  The online cost is different than paying by check because of the added expense of the online usage. 

Remember, you may buy as many numbers as you wish for yourself, family members or friends! 

Either way you join, you have to be paid in full by Saturday, July 25th for this 2020-2021 year. The July drawing will be on Monday, July 27th. The prizes will remain the same: 1 at $100, 2 at $75, 2 at $50 and 2 at $25.  The future drawings will be on the third Monday of each month.  We need at least 140 number sold in order to make a small profit and to continue. 

If you haven’t already checked out Father D’s Journey thru Scripture episodes, please do! 

Since we are now having Masses on the weekend’s we are now accepting Mass Intentions again. All of the past bookings have been re-booked. 

Till next time, stay well, be happy and safe.