May 22 2020 News Letter

News May 22, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s and St. Anthony’s Parishioners, 

We hope you are happy, safe and well.  You have most likely heard that the Governor has allowed churches to open. We would like to share with you what that will look like for the parishes of St Mary’s and St Anthony’s. Welcome Back!!! 

Please bear in mind that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still not required.  For our older parishioners, those at risk, or if you do not feel comfortable yet, please heed the advice of Cardinal Seán and the Governor -- remain home. We will continue to offer a video Mass each week on Facebook. 

From Father D: “I know there will be some confusion, with our wonderful celebration of Eucharist and Community, which I love so much, as it will be different and more sedate for a while. But, first and foremost, is your safety and the safety of your loved ones. The Lord is with us at home and at church, so please make the decision you are most comfortable with.” 

For logistics and air quality purposes, all Masses will be at St Anthony’s Church until further notice. We will start NEXT WEEKEND, May 30th and 31st. If you know someone who does not have email, please pass the word along. 

  • The 4pm Mass on Saturdays will be for Senior citizens only (aged 60 and over)   

  • 8:00am Mass on Sunday  

  • 10:15am Mass on Sunday (Weather permitting: the service will be outside by the Faith Formation building - PARKING in this instance is limited to the street and in the Parish Hall parking lot; and you will need to bring your own chair and remain 6’ apart.) 

  • One Mass will be broadcast online each weekend.

  • Please know, Everyone MUST wear a MASK to enter church and have it on at all times, unless you have a medical reason that you cannot wear a mask. 

  • We have taken many efforts to ensure proper protocol from the Archdiocese and the state will be followed. Our plan is detailed here: 

We will be training Greeters to help guide and instruct parishioners at each Mass. If you are able and willing to serve in such a capacity please email or call the Parish Office to have your name added to the list. We will be training Greeters in the upcoming week.  

We will need many (3 to 5) volunteers to clean the church after each Mass. They will need their own gloves and masks. We have the cleaning sprays and cloths. It will be a matter of wiping down the pews, doors and anywhere else people may have touched. Please call or email the Parish Office if you would like to volunteer, and let us know which Mass.  

Father D will have a Memorial Day Mass on Facebook on Monday, May 25th at 10am. 

St Mary’s May Fatima Club Winners are: William Dolan, $100; Eric Providakes & Brian Gill, $75 each; Harold Dennen & Andrea Bradshaw, $50 each; and Callan Bresnahan & Kristin Bullwinkel, $25 each. Congratulations!  The next drawing will be on Monday, June 15th. 

We appreciate all the support people have shown in various ways. We have a couple ways to continue to financially support our churches on our website here. The newest EFT form allows you to factor in the 2nd Parish Collections (we cannot add the 2nd collections from the Archdiocese).  If you are currently enrolled in EFT, and you want to add the second collections, all you need to do is email me with the amount you want to put into each collection (Maintenance /Utilities for St Mary’s; or Parish Support/Utilities for St Anthony’s) and I can update it without the need of a new form. 

Thank you to everyone that has returned their census! For those who haven’t, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Till next time: Be safe and God Bless,