A Letter from Father D

News March 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

First off, I miss you. This weekend was just plain lonely without our Eucharist. The empty church was a stark reminder of the need for community. I missed the love and sharing that is so much a part of our churches. I missed the music and the laughter and the little ones trying to out yell me (and often succeeding). I missed you and prayed for you that your families and other loved ones be safe and healthy.

I prayed for those of us who have school children and how you are to care for them. I prayed for those of us whose income stream will be disrupted. I prayed for our church and government officials that they make the right decisions concerning our immediate future. I pray for our elderly that they are not forgotten or isolated in this time of emergency. I prayed that we all might still find in our fears and worries the faith and courage to act in a way befitting our calling as brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Such times as now can bring out of us our best or our worst. I ask you to give your best. Be concerned with your neighbor and friend not just your own. We have multiple ways of communicating; use them to keep in contact with each other. Call Aunt Tilly or Uncle Clyde to make sure they are alright.

Check in with Gramps and Grandma to assure their safety and to help them to understand what is going on if need be. Crank up our patience and understanding to keep the peace in our households and community. But most of all, keep loving each other. The people we loved yesterday are not to be feared today. Times of great stress demand great courage of us, pray for that courage. And perhaps a strange request, don’t lose your sense of humor. Laughter scares away the ghosts of fear.

Please do not fall prey to the worst in us. Do not ignore those in distress that you can help. Do not succumb to hysteria and isolate yourselves. Do not become greedy of goods necessary to us all. Do not take advantage of the weak or needy for your gain. These are things that I would never hope to see nor expect to see in you wonderful people.

I do not know what the immediate future will bring. I do not know when we can gather again for our Masses. I will leave the churches open during the day if you would like to drop by and spend a few minutes in the Real Presence of our Lord.

I would strongly recommend that we adhere to the emergency regulations that our governmental leaders have put into effect. They are hard I know, but these are hard times and do not be fooled by the fools who say there is no need to be vigilant.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus I bless you and all you love. Please be safe and care for each other.

Father D