Father's Living Room Chat and Office Updates

News May 8, 2020


Dear Parishioners,

We hope you are well, safe and happy during these trying times.

Here’s the latest:
· There is a NEW DROP BOX at St Anthony’s! It is next to the side door of the Rectory that faces the church. So, Shirley people, you don’t have to drive as far!

o Keep in mind that the opening for the boxes is only 9.5”, so a #10 envelope will have to be folded in order to get it inside; and it cannot take anything thicker than ¼”.

· Father’s latest Living Room Chat video is available on our website – www.nashobacatholic.org/news. He is looking for feedback on a couple of ideas:
     o A Bible Study of sorts, in a similar format of the Living Room chats
     o A Parish-wide prayer line, soliciting prayers from our parishioners and having parishioners pray for them over the week

· Is all this new technology mind-boggling?! You aren’t alone, if you are having trouble accessing our Mass on Facebook we put together a more detailed explanation of ‘how to’ get to the videos – https://www.nashobacatholic.org/how-access-our-online-sunday-mass

· By now everyone on our mailing lists should have received a letter from us with a Census in it, along with tickets for St Mary’s BLOCK Party Raffle. We appreciate everyone’s reply to the census and await the return of all the others. Since St Mary won’t be able to have their annual Block Party this year, we thought we would at least have the Raffle! If you do not want to purchase all of the tickets sent to you, please ask your family or friends if they would like to purchase them. We know, in the past, that a lot of tickets are purchased the day of the Block Party. But that won’t happen this year. So if you need more tickets, just call the office!

· I saw a sign somewhere and have to tell you about it! I made one and put it in our bathroom. “Wash your hands; say your prayers, because Jesus and germs are everywhere!”

Happy Spring!
Betsy Diskin, Office Manager