Mass Protocol - Phase 1

Mass Protocol (reopening) Starting May 30th and 31st - Welcome Back!

All Masses will be at St. Anthony’s Church (logistics and air quality reasons). 

  • 4pm Mass on Saturdays ~ Senior citizens ONLY (aged 60 and over)
  • 8am Mass on Sunday 
  • 10:15am Mass on Sunday  (outside, weather permitting, bring your own pew.)
  • Online Mass LIVE at a new time - 8am - will continue to be broadcast on Facebook and later on this website.

Keep in mind (and/or watch 2 minute video below): 

1. The church will only open 15 minutes before Mass time. 

2. Upon arriving in the parking lot, please wait until the doors are opened before exiting your vehicle, and remain 6’ apart! Please do not gather in front of the church. 

3. Unless you have a medical reason that you cannot wear a mask, Everyone MUST wear a MASK to enter church, and have it on at all times. And if you feel more comfortable wearing gloves, by all means do so. 

4. There will only be ONE ENTRANCE & EXIT, the FRONT DOOR, and ONE WAY WALKING inside the church at all times. There will be arrows on the floor. (The back door will only be used for emergencies.) 

5. Greeters will guide and instruct parishioners at each Mass.  

6. We can only seat about 50 parishioners per Mass, on a first come – first served basis. 

7. Pews are marked so that individuals and households are seated six feet (at minimum) apart. Please move in to the farthest end of the pew. NO ONE IS TO CLIMB OVER ANYONE! 

8. We will not be able to ‘pass the hat’ for collections. There will be two baskets at the entrance of the church. One on the left for St Mary’s and one on the right for St Anthony’s. We ask that you put your donation in the basket upon ENTERING MASS. 

9. There will not be any hand shaking or singing. 

10. Regarding receiving Communion: Everyone must follow designated paths in the church. The Greeters will let people out pew by pew. EVERYONE in the pew MUST EXIT, whether receiving Communion or not, so NO ONE has to climb over anyone, and remain 6’ apart! Communion will only be given with an out-stretched hand; you are to move to the side, lower your mask, consume the host, replace your mask and then return to your seat. 

11. Greeters will dismiss parishioners pew by pew. Please wait your turn.

12. Please do not gather after Mass. Return to your vehicles to go home.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We want to welcome you with the most safety we can provide. God bless!