I am reaching out to you about an effort created by a member of the laity with concern for our parishes during this time of crisis. It is a special, 90-day campaign that will provide offertory support directly to the parish.

This special initiative asks, if possible, for parishioners to rally around our two parishes, St Mary's and St Anthony's, by making a special daily offertory commitment for the next 90 days. This effort is intended to supplement weekly offertory gifts, given the challenges of the current crisis. Should you choose to join in this  effort, the Archdiocese has created an easy-to-use link to donate.

The link is available by clicking HERE or using this link:  https://bcatholic.sites.bostoncatholic.org/90DaysYourParish 

We understand many of you may not be able to contribute to this special offertory collection given the economic impact this pandemic has had on your personal finances. We remain extremely grateful for your prayers of support for our parish family.

With our prayers, Father D